We know the critical processes of selling your home. Studies have shown that sellers who use a REALTOR® to sell and represent them, typically get a better price than the homeowner that decides to sell their home themselves. As REALTOR’S®, we have the knowledge and training to get the job done accurately and efficiently and at the best price in a timely manner. We are objective in the sale of your home and work to help you keep your emotional ties to the home in check.

Where to Begin to Stand out from the Competition

You never get a second chance to make a good impression!


* Clean Everything! From the ceilings down to the floors. Buyers expect a spotless home.
* Paint Interior and/or Exterior as needed or do touch up.
* Make repairs where needed.
* How is the flooring looking? If it appears worn or dated, replace it, otherwise give it a professional cleaning.
* Clean windows inside and out, including window sills. Take down dated, dusty, or worn window coverings.
* Can you see the bottom of your closets? De-clutter, organize, pack it up. You will be moving, so less for you to do once the home is sold.
* Remove any evidence of pets and be sure there are no pet odors.
* Remove personal items from your home such as family photos so the new buyer will only look at your home, not your photos.It makes it easier for the buyer to envision it as their home.
* Eliminate large pieces of furniture and put in storage, if possible to create a spacious feeling in your home.
* Now would be the time to clean out, give away, or throw away items you no longer need.
* Consider hiring a Staging Professional to give your home the right appeal.


It is important to have Curb Appeal…that WOW Factor! Give the buyer a reason to want to get out of the car and come
inside your home.

* The front landscaping must be meticulously manicured! Keep the lawn mowed and bushes and plants trimmed. Keep your lawn looking healthy.
* Weed the flower beds and keep fresh mulch out on them.
* Plant colorful flowers when the season allows for it.
* Repair any fences or gates, doors, screens, wood rot, etc.
* Make repairs on the home where needed.
* Keep the area leading up to the front door swept and clean of debris.
* Put a fresh new door mat at the front door.
* Shine the door knobs and wash the front door. Paint, stain or replace the front door, if needed.
* Clean areas around the front door and eaves of the house.

While Your Home is on the Market

* When potential buyers come to see your home, it is important that you not be at home. Buyers do not feel comfortable looking in your closets or pantry, and discussing their likes or dislikes about the home, if you are present.

One final very important note…
the 3 most important aspects to getting your home sold are: Location, Condition and Price. If all of these items measure up to a positive, then your home will sell in a reasonable time frame.